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Low and Slow Bundle

Low and Slow Bundle

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Sale Coming February 1st

Revolutionize your kitchen experience with this bundle – a dream come true for those who'd rather not spend all night at the stove! Effortless cooking is the name of the game, giving you more precious moments to share with your family. Let us handle the hard work; you just savor the simplicity.

What's Inside This Bundle:

    • 2 cube steak packages
    • 4 lbs ground beef
    • 4 stew meat packages
    • 1 roast

    ~FREE Soup Bones included!~

    This Bundles Promises:

    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
    • Having a connection with your rancher and knowing your food was ethically raised
    • We ensure top-notch freshness, with beef sent frozen from our ranch to your doorstep

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