Where Do You Ship To?

We ship to every state in the US except Alaska and Hawaii.

How Will My Beef Be Shipped?

Each box of beef is hand packed by either Anna or Danny Pozzi.

We ship our beef with dry ice to ensure our beef arrives at your doorstep still frozen.

*Do not handle dry ice with bare hands, it will cause freeze burn*

Is Your Beef Grass-Fed?

Yes; our cattle spend 100% of their lives roaming the hills of Juntura, Oregon.


Bulk Beef Questions

How Much Beef Will I Get When I Order Beef In Bulk?

This depends on what order you place! 1/8 is 50-60 lbs, 1/4 Beef is about 100-120 lbs, and 1/2 Beef is 200-220 lbs.

What Cuts of Beef Do I Receive In A Bulk Order? 

You will recieve ground beef, roasts, stew meat, shank for Osso, short ribs, top serloin steaks, NY Strip steaks, Rib Eye steaks, Tenderloin steaks, Cube steaks, and Brisket!! You get to savor and honor every part of the animal!

What Is A Deposit? How Do Payments For Bulk Beef Work? 

You will place a deposit (which serves as a down payment), which will be deducted from your final invoice. We have a limited amount of cattle, so by placing your deposit, you secure your beef. We'll send you a detailed invoice for the remaining balance after your deposit is placed! You have plenty of time to pay the remaining balance. You can even pay it the day before we ship you your beef. 

How Much Will It Cost In Total When Ordering Bulk Beef?

How Much Freezer Space Do I Need For Bulk Beef?

This again depends on what order you placed. This chart below should help you prepare for all the beef that's going to be arriving!

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping is FREE! 

When Will My Beef Be Ready?

This all depends on what time of the year we are holding our bulk beef sales. When we announce that deposits are live, we will create a timeline for you to make the process very clear and simple. Typically, your beef will arrive to you 4-5 months after our deposits close. 

How Long Will All This Beef Last My Family?

Our favorite question! We recommend a half beef for a family of four! This should last about 8-12 months! Depending on how much beef you and your family eat, you could make a 1/4 beef last 6 months.