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Anna (McKay) Pozzi, was born in Crete Brulee, Haiti, and was adopted at 12 months by her parents Joe and Joyce along with 5 other children from Haiti, and brought to eastern Oregon. From a young age, Anna loved the whole aspect of cattle ranching and taking care of all the animals. As she got older her desire to continue cattle ranching grew, and she started building her own cattle herd after she graduated high school. After High school Anna moved on to College at TVCC, to study ranch management, and took horse training classes under Wade Black to better her knowledge of training horses.

Daniel Pozzi was born in Nampa Idaho to Gary and Kathy, he has an older brother and an older sister. Danny grew up working cattle, trucking, and doing construction work with his dad in eastern Oregon. Danny loved cattle and ranching, his brain was made for it, and he could build corral systems with mere toys, that would actually work on a larger scale. His coral-building notebook went with him everywhere. Danny was avidly involved in 4-H as a kid, and throughout his high school career, he was also a part of the FFA chapter. Danny attended TVCC, where he took ranch management classes and horse training classes under Wade Black.

In 2014 Anna and Danny met at TVCC. They did horse training classes together and were even a part of an intramural volleyball team together. They worked together through numerous classes. And they even got together at parties and dances. Whenever they were given the chance to speak to one another, they talked about ranching and what they planned for their futures. Very soon Anna and Danny realized that they had a lot of the same aspirations for their lives and futures. Anna and Danny's relationship grew, and in 2015 they began dating, after a year of dating they got engaged, and then were married in 2017. They worked together building their herd on Anna's family ranch, and a year later were expecting their first child. In 2019 they welcomed their son Angelo into the world. They continued working hard and building their lives together. Taking their son with them on the road in a car seat carrier into the hills to build fences or to move cattle in their side by side (UTV). Not long after Anna and Danny announced that they were expecting again! and in 2020 they welcomed their daughter Mary. Anna and Danny continue to work hard every day to ensure a future for their two children, in the hopes that they will also want to continue the ranch life.



  • Trailing Home

  • Cousins riding "Bell" the pony

  • Papa picking up a culvert, or vice versa

  • Riding his "big" horse

  • Yellow Jackets causing problems

  • Sunset in the desert

  • Husband and Wife team

  • Buuurrr!

  • Getting the baby back to his momma! And the dog just wants to work.

  • Watching Daddy go back to work

  • Rough Stock practice on Billy

  • Best Little helper!

  • The Foreman

  • Teach 'em young

  • Samson the Lusitano the Power House

  • Delta wondering what broke that branch

  • Treasures found in the desert

  • Trick roping "Twister"

  • Super Women in Ag

  • Home Sweet Home

  • Drone moving cattle

  • A cold day to trail

  • Dust, dust, and more dust!

  • Trailing home for the winter