Grass Fed Beef. From Our Family To Yours.

Welcome to the ranch family!

We believe the more connected you are to your food source, the more it will bring you and your loved ones together.

For that reason, not only do we provide the best humanely raised, regenerative beef, but we believe our way of life will inspire you to slow down, gather round’ the dinner table, and reconnect with your family. 

Your ranchers, the Pozzi's

Danny, Anna, Angelo, and Mary (DAAM Beef)

  • "Great family raising great beef!"

    -Karlee Long

  • "Thank you so much, we received the incredible package tonight.  Everything shipped well and looks amazing, we never saw cube steak look so good. We voted on cube steak for dinner tomorrow....My husband is excited to try the sirloins...the stew meat looks so lean, I will have pull out my grandmother's recipe for a couple packages. To top it off a large roast so many thoughts for that beauty...have a great braised beef in beer with root vegetables recipe.  We can't thank you enough..."

    -Dawn Prezioso

  • John cooked short ribs stew for dinner and OMGosh!!! Delish!!! The meat just slid off the bones!!! The stew has cooled down and as you can see… not a lot of fat on top of the broth. Very Lean!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😋

    -Jazn Jaimee

Time To Slow Down And Savor Quality Moments

Imagine dedicating more precious moments with your family and embracing relaxation, while meal planning becomes a breeze. This is the heartfelt mission we embrace at DAAM Beef.

We also take immense pride in ensuring our cattle are exclusively 100% grass-fed, not only enhancing the well-being of our cherished herd but also elevating the rich flavor of our beef.

Let us alleviate the burdens of the grocery store – at DAAM Beef, we deliver only the finest quality beef straight from our ranch, ensuring a comforting and caring experience for you and your loved ones.

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Join Us In Our Ranching Journey

Recently, it's become harder to figure out what companies to trust when buying your food.

That's why DAAM Beef promises full transparency when it comes to your beef.

Our commitment to regenerative ranching encourages restoration and enhancement of our ecosystem.

We aspire to care for our land with care, so that future generations, including our children, can experience the beauty of this place we proudly call home.